Shelldale Family Gateway was built from a vision for a neighbourhood of healthy children, healthy families and healthy communities.  In today’s world, children and youth are at an increasing risk for poor mental health.  The risk is even higher if they live in low-income communities, where families have fewer supports.  Shelldale Family Gateway has demonstrated that the best way to help these children have good long-term outcomes is by collaborating with the community and supporting the families – children, youth, adults and seniors – rather than just focusing on the child.

As happens with so many charitable and not-for-profit organizations, sustainability of programs is always the number one concern.  Our annual budget to provide the programs and supports for our Youth & Community Program is $377,000 per year.  These programs receive NO government funding, therefore, as an organization, each year we must apply for grants and fundraise to be able to provide the supports that are vital in this high-risk community.

Every year our Youth & Community Programs are at risk!

Our Youth & Community Coordinator has been with us for 22 years, and is dedicated to the children, youth, and families of this community.  Along with her staff, she provides leadership opportunities to the over 400 youth that are involved in our programs each year.  We currently have two youth that are now staff - that grew up in our neighbourhood - accessing our programs and supports - now mentoring other children and youth in the community.  A true success story!  Many of our youth we are proud to say have gone on to college and university, full-time employment and become productive members of society – with the support of people like you!