THEGROVE-300x195.pngThe GROVE Hubs is a collaborative project with the objective of providing the right services to the right youth in a timely and efficient matter. A network of community organizations have come together to re-imagine a newly designed system to directly address mental health and substance abuse issues of youth in Wellington and Guelph. Under the leadership of the Rotary Club of Guelph, The GROVE Hubs are a partnership with several organizations in Wellington County, all of which serve youth aged 12 to 26. The focus of this new partnership is to specifically look at the mental health and wellness of our young people and to assist and support them if/when they need help.

Each organization is part of a network, all integrated by technology which allows youth to access the immediate virtual care that they so urgently need. Assessment of a youth’s needs will be provided virtually (and eventually in each facility). No matter the situation, technology will be used so that access to the right services is available no matter where you are. This technology component will enhance access for youth right now, as well as in the future by giving rural regions the same support system as those in urban centres.

The GROVE Hubs will include seven locations that will feature the benefit of “one door” meaning that youth will only tell their story once regardless of where they are. This is made possible through an interconnected online system and is now of the utmost importance during a time where we are relying highly on virtual care.

The GROVE Hubs sites are in the rural centres of Wellington, as well as in Guelph. They will offer a range of stepped-care services of varying levels of intensity that are co-designed with youth. Physical activity, mental health, substance use, and peer supports will be core services at all The GROVE Hubs sites.

The seven sites include:

  • East Wellington Community Services – Town of Erin
  • Minto Mental Health – Palmerston
  • Skyline Community Hub – Fergus
  • University of Guelph
  • YMCA/ YWCA of Guelph
  • CMHA Waterloo Wellington
  • Shelldale Family Gateway

For more information, please contact Diana Boal, Executive Director,  at dboal@shelldale.ca