Corporate Giving

As one of corporate partners, your business can make a donation or become a sponsor to help fund our youth and community programs. And when your staff takes advantage of corporate giving opportunities, like volunteering, your business will see benefits such as:

A positive image: When businesses partner with non-profits, the community recognizes the positive change they’re making. With this recognition, your business creates a more positive reputation for itself.

Better relationships with customers: Customers appreciate it when a business works hard to support their community.

Increased employee engagement: Your employees engage with each other more when they participate in philanthropic opportunities together.

Fostering a sense of community: Employees who work together to help a non-profit achieve its mission will create a feeling of camaraderie at the office. This will lead to a more communal working environment for your business.

Watch the video above produced by our partner, Skyline, about the benefits of corporate giving.

To find out how your business can support Shelldale Family Gateway, contact Diana Boal, Executive Director, at