At Shelldale Family Gateway we work to ensure that every child and youth living in the Onward Willow Neighbourhood has the chance to participate, learn, grow and reach their full potential.

Fundraising and grant proposals cover only a portion of our youth and community programs, so your donations, sponsorships, and volunteer hours are vital to keeping these essential programs and supports running for the youth and their families we serve.

Direct Program Support

Direct donations to operating funds provide immediate support for our youth and family programs, like our summer camps or Breakfast Club. And by becoming a monthly donor, you help to build sustainable revenue which helps us to provide the programs and supports to children, youth and their families of our community.

Endowment Fund

This fund builds sustainability for our children and youth programs. Donations are invested in perpetuity with professional management through the Guelph Community Foundation. Returns on investment are provided to Shelldale Family Gateway for our non-funded programs. It's a gift that lasts a lifetime.


Many of our programs depend on the support of volunteers to be successful. In fact, over 250 volunteers help our amazing staff deliver our programs each year! Volunteering is a great way to contribute to your community, meet people, and gain new skills and experiences. Are you a high school student that needs Community Involvement hours to graduate? We have a wide variety of opportunities throughout the week in all of our program areas. If you are interested in volunteering in any of our programs please contact Ali Hoang at

Beneficiary Designation

Include 'Shelldale Family Gateway' as a beneficiary in your will, life insurance policy or investment. We also always appreciate being named as a charity for memorial donations.

Gift Cards

Many children and youth in our programs struggle with food insecurity. Your gift of a food card is one way to ensure they receive the nutrition that they need. A nutritious meal or snack is an integral part of each and every one of our programs.

Corporate Giving

As one of corporate partners, your business can make a donation or become a sponsor to help fund our youth and community programs. And when your staff takes advantage of corporate giving opportunities, like volunteering, your business will see benefits such as:

A positive image: When businesses partner with non-profits, the community recognizes the positive change they’re making. With this recognition, your business creates a more positive reputation for itself.

Better relationships with customers: Customers appreciate it when a business works hard to support their community.

Increased employee engagement: Your employees engage with each other more when they participate in philanthropic opportunities together.

Fostering a sense of community: Employees who work together to help a non-profit achieve its mission will create a feeling of camaraderie at the office. This will lead to a more communal working environment for your business.

Watch the video above produced by our partner, Skyline, about the benefits of corporate giving.

To find out how your business can support Shelldale Family Gateway, contact Diana Boal, Executive Director, at


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